Welcome to Kennys seramas

First let me tell you about the hottest bantam chicken now in the United States.

SERAMA, like no other bantam known today.They are the smallest and lightest bantam known today.

Imported from malaysia in 2001 and set the chicken world completly around to a new appreciation of bantam chickens.

Standing tall and proud holding their wings straight down and their chrest high.

Seramas are calm and have a docile temperment and great for the show table, family pet,and 4-h projects.

Walking the isles of a chicken show and you can tell the serama from any other chicken , they have eye appeal.

So you have thought about having a few chickens for the backyard and large fowl are not your style.

Give seramas a chance and let them win you over ,you'll be glad you did.

What's so special about seramas, well the best factor is that they do not breed true to color or size.Making them a joy to breed and see what colors you may get.You could have a rainbow of colors right in your own backyard.Why have a flock of chickens all the same color.

Seramas are easy on the feed bill for they are not big eaters,a little feed goes a long way.

I have now been breeding seramas for over 4 years and there has never been a dull moment.

So think SERAMA and enjoy their beauty,style and temperment.

Feel free to learn more about seramas and let us hear from you.

Newly hatched baby seramas,4/12/14
Dark wheaton hen,White & dun cock.
Ginger laced hen

Serama are quickly becoming the most popular bantam today.Own this special breed and join in the fun. 

Kenny & his pal

Elijah Blu

A cool day of spring

kennysserama .

breeding for type

breeding for

temperament and color.Focusing on the best I can breed.


A special little hen,the start of my black and blue projects.